Worst things about manually importing each old page one by one? (1) Being embarrassed by some of my artwork, and (2) seeing the huge jumps in time between the date stamps on some of these pages. Took me TWO YEARS just to finish that first issue. Feels shameful.

Best thing? The 5 pages at the beginning of Chapter 2. First off, brings back lovely memories of Wini when she was a little girl. Secondly, I am pleased with my light/color in that sequence, and feel good about the way I worked that memory of Wini’s Little Red Riding Hood storytelling with the whole zombie apocalypse thing. I’m proud of those pages, which is not something that I feel often about my sequential art. Sure, there are still some panels that I think need tweaking, but overall, I think this was a sweet/sad/poignant moment.

Shaking off the dust…

An old friend (and likely the only Moose Riders fan left) recently asked me for MR merch, and it got me thinking about resurrecting The Moose Riders again. My excuse for letting it fall to the wayside over the last…9 years? has been an increased workload thanks to taking on yearbook responsibilities at my day job. That is a fair excuse for a good chunk of the year, but if I’m being honest, I still have lots of time to work on this comic during the rest of the year. Of course RIGHT NOW is actually crunch time for the yearbook, so don’t expect new MR content just yet, but know that the wheels are slowly grinding back into action.

Anyway, in poking around my old Chrome Dome Comics and The Moose Riders sites, I’ve discovered that the theme and plugin I had been using to manage the comics stopped updating and were no longer compatible with the current version of WordPress, things weren’t working as they should. I’m trying out a new theme/plugin combo, manually importing the old pages, and just generally trying to get things tweaked enough that when I do manage to get back to drawing pages, I’ll have a way to share them.

So what I’m trying to say is, “Thanks for the kick in the pants, JT.”

Wish me luck.