The Moose Riders, Chapter 4

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Sorry the 1-month hiatus turned into 2. March sucked and April was busy, but here we go with Chapter 4. Did a little research on Talkeetna, Alaska for this chapter. Seems like a groovy place and I’d love to go visit. If you know anyone from Talkeetna, please send them this way. If you ARE from Talkeetna, I hope you’ll forgive my changes/errors. I’m not intending to offend anybody :)

Chapter 3 is at the printer now–will let you know when it’s available for purchase. For you digital comics aficionados, the .PDF for Chapter 3 has been added to the TMR digital download store. Also, in celebration of Free Comic Book Day last Saturday, I made theChapter 1 .PDF available FOR FREE! Planning to keep it that way for awhile, at least.