The little sister. She didn’t like getting picked on by her big brother, but would happily go back to those days before the zombies attacked. She is happy to have her new best friend, the moose.

The Moose Riders, Page 6

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<a href=””>Left Bank Books</a> in St. Louis sponsored this <a href=””>book signing thing</a> for Mike/Gabe and Jerry/Tycho of <a href=””>Penny Arcade</a> at the <a href=””>Mad Art Gallery</a> last week and I went and it was awesome. First off, Mad Art is housed in this old Art Deco Police Station, complete with holding cells–very cool stuff. […]

The Moose Riders, Page 7

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Beginning of a long flashback sequence here. Not entirely thrilled with the transition–switching to black and white for a flashback seems a bit heavy-handed, but it serves the purpose (and makes coloring go much faster). There’s an interview with me up over at–not sure if there are any big revelations, but go ahead and read it […]