The Moose Riders Chapter 3

pdf3adChapter 3 dawns cold and gloomy. The kids are packing up camp, and Westley’s temper is short with thoughts of the previous evening’s nightmares fresh in his mind. We see via flashback how they first got separated from Dan and Jess, and Lola’s health deteriorates as they continue the desperate quest to find their parents. $0.99

The Moose Riders Chapter 2

pdf2adThe second chapter of The Moose Riders begins with the travelers camping in the Alaskan wilderness. A flashback fills us in on a few more pre-outbreak details, and we meet the kids’ parents. 30 pages of story, 2 pages of sketches/notes. Color and Black & White PDF. $0.99

The Moose Riders Chapter 1

pdf1adTwo kids on a camping trip get separated from their parents by a zombie apocalypse. Lost in the Alaskan wilderness, they are rescued by a moose, who becomes their guardian against the shambling horde. 32 pages of story in color and black & white, PDF format. FREE DOWNLOAD!